Argumentation for Certification and Validation

I use argumentation theory, justification diagrams, in various projects (European FP7, with certification authorities, Airbus, etc.).

The aim of the justification diagram is to organize and visualize, in a synthetic way, all key elements proving the validity of a product's property. The justification diagram does not represent the process, but gives the rationale behind all Verification & Validation (V&V) documents. In fact, it lists and organizes necessary evidence in a development life cycle.

In these works, I just apply theories and more particularly the work of: Stephen Toulmin, Chaïm Perelman, Lucie Olbrechts-Tyteca, Philippe Besnard, Anthony Hunter, Douglas Walton, Phan Minh Dung. Thank's to them.


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  • Invited by NATO to speak on using argumentation theory in a V&V context at the Lecture Series on "Application of Verification and Validation of Models, Simulations and Data" (MSG-123). September 2014 at the NATO M&S COE Facility Caserma De Cicco Piaz in Rome, Italy / April 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden, and May in Ottawa, Canada.